Leaf Sentry Gutter Cover

Leaf Sentry Gutter TOPPER System.

Topper systems use surface tension to channel rainwater into your gutters while leaves, sticks and other debris are prevented from entering into your gutters and clogging the passage of water away from your home. An innovative nose forward design causes debris to fall to the ground. Leaf Sentry gutter guards by Tight Line Exteriors is a low profile system, virtually un-detectable from street level. This system caries a life time no clog warranty!

Leaf Sentry Gutter


Gutter RX Leaf SCREEN System:

Leaf screens are used to keep out leaves and debris. Anyone who has a tree, or trees around their house will benefit from this type of protection. These systems allow water to flow freely while debris is lifted away from gutters with a normal breeze. This is not a 100% cure, but it will keep out the larger leaves and debris.


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