Expert Siding Repair And Replacement In Woodstock

Siding Installation by Tightline Exteriors


Your home exterior speaks to everyone passing by. A lovely and well-groomed exterior says, “This house is well cared for.” On the other hand, discolored or damaged siding says, “Nobody cares for me.” Which story does your home tell? If that story is not good, you can give it a happy ending with siding repair and replacement services from Tight Line Exteriors. We are an Associate Contractor of James Hardie building materials in Woodstock.

What Causes Siding Problems

1. Improper siding installation
2. Improper underlayment installation
3. Poor quality materials

Siding panels must expand and contract, and when the installer doesn’t allow for this, siding warps, buckles or twists over time. When you don’t install underlayment the right way, your house is not sealed against the elements, and insulation suffers.

Homeowners in Woodstock waste their money when they choose cheap siding from an inexperienced or unqualified siding repair and replacement company. Plus, you pay more in utility bills.

Avoiding Siding Problems

When you come to Tight Line Exteriors, you avoid all three major siding problems, and here is why:

1. Our technicians offer expert installation services
2. Professional installation includes quality underlayment
3. We use official James Hardie materials (not imitations)

Why James Hardie Siding?

Unlike wood composite siding (which can buckle over time), Hardie fiber cement siding resists rot, moisture and insects. The company puts their products through rigorous testing and stands behind their products.

Free Consultation with a Professional Designer

Tight Line Exteriors offers great color selections, and we provide an Exterior Design Consultant to assist you in choosing the best colors for your home, neighborhood and curb appeal. Also, you receive an in-home estimate for the work, and there are no obligations.

If you love the look of wood siding, but want lower energy bills and less maintenance, call (770) 609-1000 to learn more about our siding repair and replacement services in Woodstock.

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